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Who We Are

We are FlexDarts. We are a local SEO Marketing Agency. We are specialists in local online marketing.

Our goal is to get your business to the top of Google My Business as well as improve general local search visibility! We have always focused on local searches and provide a way for your company to generate more customers.

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Our Values

Our focus lies on establishing a long-term connection.


Hard working

At FlexDarts we work hard to give the best results possible to each and every customer.



You can always give us a call! We love to hear from our customers and enjoy establishing relationships with our partners.



Our staff go through extensive training, completing multiple courses, before working with customers. Our goal is to ensure each and every one of our staff is an absolute expert in the field!


What we do as your local online marketing agency.


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Why Is Local SEO Important for Businesses?

Did you know that the amount of search volume focusing on local intent is tremendously large? You might be astonished with the volume of searches on Google directing people to local stores like your own! This is something we suggest nearly every company should capitalize on.


Amount of searches with local intent.

46% of all searches on Google are searching for local information and 97% of search engine users have searched online to find a local business.


Consumers with local intent.

86% of consumers rely on the internet in order to find local businesses. Nearly 30% of consumers search for a local business at least once a week.

Your target audience is reached. When using local SEO you are getting customers who are looking for your service and wanting to purchase at that moment!


78% of local mobile searches result in in-store purchases

This means that visitors who find your business using a ‘near me’ search are much more likely to convert into sales than those coming in from an average search. These are customers that are ready to buy.


You are getting customers searching for what brings you sales

It is possible to rank high with local SEO for terms which result in sales. We can help you find the searches your customers are doing that result in sales and help you rank higher for those!


$0 fee to get started!

The biggest benefit of local SEO is that you do not have to spend anything in order to be listed on platforms! You can list your company for free. You can pay for additional services, like ours, in order to rank higher on platforms. You can, however, list yourself for free!


What we specialize in. These are the services we can do for you!



We love Search Engine Optimization! We are particularly talented with Local SEO.


Paid Advertising

SEA, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, you name it!


Website Development

We have an in-house specialist who is always ready to give your website a speed boost, or completely remake your website however you desire!


Content Creation

Our team of in-house writers are always ready to help you create high quality content for your website.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a very particular skill. We can help you completely manage your social media platforms.


Email Marketing

The Email industry is an ever growing industry that we can help you conquer!

Our Procedure

The procedure we use to deliver the best results!


We analyze every part of your website and business. It is very important for us to know as much about you and your business as we can because we tailor our work to your business. We then analyze your demographic to form the right strategy to reach your demographic.


We carry out our research, especially tailored to your needs. Starting with your on-page SEO, we have an incredible team of developers handling necessary technical website improvements. Then moving over to your off-page SEO, our SEO experts take over and carry out the bespoke action plan to get your company on top of Google!


We assess our strategy at least once a month to make sure we are getting the optimum results for your project. We then improve and adjust the strategy based on the market needs to get you the most traffic onto your website.


Our Pricing

Free Consultation

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  • We will look over your business and recommend a customized service just for you!
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Website Development

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  • Personal Designer
  • SEO Friendly Development
  • PageSpeed Optimized Development
  • and more..!
  • Custom Website Designs
  • Responsive Design
  • Personal Manager
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SEO Optimization

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$595 / mo
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • and more..!
  • Keyword Research
  • Local Citations
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Full Website Analysis
  • Monthly SEO Reports
  • Consultation
  • Website Analysis
  • 3000+ Word Articles
  • On-Page SEO
  • Website Optimization
  • Personal Manager
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$49 / mo
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  • We offer services at all levels and are truly here to help you!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that helps your business become more visible in local search results on Google and other search engines. Local SEO is designed to help your website’s content rank higher on Google by applying industry techniques.

As many individuals rely on Google and other search engines for recommendations, any business with an online presence and/or a physical location can benefit from local SEO. Local SEO will boost your business’ visibility, attracting more traffic and customers.

Local SEO boosts your ranking in search engine results, resulting in greater visibility to customers in your vicinity. Having a long standing and trustworthy domain - which is improved by SEO - allows you to build a community, yield more relevant traffic and build trust and authority. Local SEO will additionally: reduce advertising costs, increase sales and gain a higher amount of returning customers thus gaining more reviews through Local SEO will also allow you to bypass competition, obtain a long-lasting ranking and continuously grow your business.

Most websites see results in 3 to 6 months, but the success of your Local SEO is based on many variables such as backlinks, competition, keywords, website speed, content and relevance. SEO results grow over time, taking more time if there is high competition.

It's important to start with what you are comfortable spending. Local SEO can take months to show results, so you should factor that into your SEO budget. Once you see results and can make a conclusive decision on whether Local SEO is right for you, you can choose to invest more or less money on your Local SEO strategy.

While there are thousands of factors considered in the ranking of search engine results, online reviews contribute to your authority and trustworthiness - boosting your search engine ranking.


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